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3d NH Surgeons

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Moulton, Albert A., M.D.
from Concord, NH. Appointed Regimental Surgeon Aug. 22, '61. Mustered in Aug. 23, '61. Discharged due to Disability oct. 31, '62. Died April 26, 1890 at Sanbornton, NH.
Buzzell, Andrew J. H., M.D.
from Dover, NH. Appointed Asst. Surgeon of the regiment July 29, '62. Mustered in July 29, '62. Appointed Regimental Surgeon Nov. 17, '62. Berveted to Lt. Col. of the U.S.V. for galliant and meritorious conduct at the assualt of Ft. Fisher, NC on March 13, '65. Died of Disease at Wilmington, NC March 27, '65.
Kimball, Franklin B., M.D.
from Dover, NH. Appointed 2d Asst. Surgeon June 3, '63. Mustered in June 24, '63. Appointed Regimental Surgeon April 20, '65. Mustered out July 20, '65. Died Dec. 13, '1889 in Andover, Ma.
Eaton, Benjamin F., M.D.
from Hanover, NH. Transfered from the 1st NHV Aug. '61. Appointed Asst. Surgeon Aug. 22, '61. Mustered in Aug. 26, '61. Resigned Oct. 1, '62. Died March 1, 1882 in Hartford, Vt.
Burnham, Charles A., M.D.
from Haverhill, Ma. Transfered from the 2d NHV Nov. '62. Appointed Asst. Surgeon Nov. 18, '62. Mustered in Jan. 6, '63. Discharged due to Disability on Sept. 22, '64. Last resident in Boston, Ma.
Farrar, Daniel, M.D.
from Troy, NH. Appointed 2d Asst. Surgeon Aug. 13, '62. Mustered in Aug. 13, '62. Resigned May 4, '63. Died June 3, 1875 in Leominister, Ma.
Manter, George W., M.D.
from Manchester, NH. Appointed Asst. Surgeon April 24, '65. Mustered in May 22, '65. Mustered out July 20, '65. Died July 7, 1870 in Wellfleet, Ma.