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Company F, Hagood's Guards

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The following is a composed list of Officers and Enlisted Men of Company F, Hagood's Guards of the Twenty-Second South Carolina Volunteer Infantry that served during the War Between the States from South Carolina 1861-1865.  These men were recruited from the Pickens District(Oconee and Pickens Counties) from the Upstate of SC.
This list will be updated from time to time when more researched information is found.

Stewart, James M.
Steele, R. E.
Stewart, William K.
Williams, John Y. H.
Alexander, A. N. (2nd Lt.)
Hunter, John H. (1st Lt.)
Lewis, John T. (1st Lt.)
Lynch, B. S. (2nd Lt.)
Neil, S. H. (Sgt) - MW 1864 @ Petersburg, VA
Parsons, F. C. (2nd Lt.)
Stewart, Andrew J. (3rd Lt.)
Anderson, J. J.
Connelly, J. W.
Gilstrap, Elias (1st Sgt.) - KIA 7/30/64 @ The Crater
Gregory, Issac J.
Hillhouse, W. C. (1st Sgt.)
Price, E. A. - KIA 7/30/64 @ The Crater
Edens, Allen
Lynch, Henry
Newman, I. C.
Wood, E. H. - Died 10/22/62 @ Winchester, VA
Aiken, John
Aiken, Pinckney
Akin, J. L.
Akin, Jobney
Alexander, J. G.
Alexander, Jasper - Died 9/6/61 @ Columbia, SC
Alexander, Jeff
Alexander, Joseph
Alexander, William
Andrews, W. L.
Ballew, Jefferson F. - Buried @ Mt. Jackson, VA
Bason. M. - Died 7/3/64 @ Pt. Lookout, MD
Beasley, M.
Benjamin, J. H. - MW 1864 @ Petersburg
Benjamin, Samuel
Blakely, T. A.
Blakely, T. H.
Boran,  ?
Boran, William
Boran, Manchester
Bowen, M. - Died in Prison 7/15/64
Bowen, William
Cantrell, J. T.
Carroll, L.
Carter, Isham
Carter, J. A.
Capel, Andrew J.
Chastain, King Edward - KIA 8/22/62 @ Rappahannock, VA
Connelly, C.
Connelly, Littleton
Cooper, Davis
Cunningham, S. B.
Deen, James A.
Dryman, L.
Dryman, P.
Edens, Z. B.
Edens, W. D.
Edens, JR, Samuel
Edens, SR, Samuel
Ellenburg, John A.
Ellenburg, Thomas J.
Ellenburg, W. B.
Field, W. G.
Foster, J.
Foster, L. M.
Gallman, J. H.
Gilliland, John
Gilliland, R.
Gilstrap, E. - KIA 7/30/64 @ The Crater
Gilstrap, William
Gilstrap, W. B
Gilstrap, W. R.
Goodwin, P.
Graveley, Joseph
Graveley, B. G.
Graveley, J. M.
Grindley, Joseph - KIA 7/30/64 @ The Crater
Graveley, T. - KIA 7/30/64 @ The Crater
Griffin, Henry
Hagan, G. W.
Hairston, Thomas B.
Harrison, F. B. - KIA 7/30/64 @ The Crater
Hendricks, John
Howard, J. H.
Hughey, Jesse, R.
Hutson, Thomas
James, J. A. - Buried in Richmond, VA
Janes, J. W.
Jenkins, Thomas M.
Johnson, W. D.
Joiner, J. S.
Jones, J. W. - KIA 11/15/64 @ Petersburg, VA
Leak, William C. - Died 5/24/65 @ Pt. Lookout, MD
Lynch, N.
Manley, B. - Died 8/4/64 @ Petersburg, VA
Manley, P. F. - KIA 7/30/64 @ The Crater
Marco, J. J.
Martin, William
Mayburn, Alfred F. - Died 1864 @ Petersburg, VA
Millan, W. H. - Died 2/22/65 @ Pt. Lookout, MD
Morris, E. F.
Murphy, John
Murphy, William
McDowell, J. A.
Neal, S. H.
Nick, R. J.
Nix, David M.
Nix, E. M.
Nix, R. D.
Norris, Elias
Norris, S. L.
Norris, Thomas
O'Dell, Jackson, M.
Parsons, J. C.
Patterson, Evan
Pool, Thomas S.
Pope, John
Porter, J. T.
Reaves, A. D. - Buried @ Winchester, VA
Reaves, A. T.
Reaves, John
Reaves, W. H. - Died 12/13/64 @ Elmira, NY
Riggins, A. R. - KIA 7/30/64 @ The Crater
Riggins, William
Roper, Amos
Roper, E.
Smith, John
Stancil, John
Stancil, L. M.
Stancil, Henry
Stansell, M. - Died 2/6/65 @ Pt. Lookout, MD
Stewart, A. B. - KIA 7/30/64 @ The Crater
Steward, J. V.
Stewart, John
Stewart, John T.
Stewart, R. A.
Stewart, Richard U.
Stewart, W.
Stewart, W. M.
Stuart, J. B.
Taylor, S. H.
Templeton, W. C.
Thomas, B. - Died 2/4/65 @ Pt. Lookout, MD
Tomplin, William
Turner, Jeptha
Walker, Riley
Winchester, JR, Willowby
Winchester, SR, Willowby - Died 3/8/62 @ Columbia, SC
Woodward, O.
Wyatt, John
Youngblood, James

Sources used to find this information used were the internet, Roster od South Carolina Confederate CD-Rom, 22nd SC Roster on microfilm and NPS Soldiers and Sailors System.  This list is incomplete and researched on my own time.  It is recorded at my remission and I do not claim it to be complete fact.