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Brief History of Co. C, 3d NHV

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Below are excerpts from the Official Reports, personal accounts and other written records of Co. C, 3d NHV 1861-1865.

"Of the Captains I would particularly mention, for the meritorious conduct, Capt. Donohoe of Co. C..... His(Capt. Donohoe) company was stationed on the left, and received the first fire from the enemy's reenforcements, which wounded his Lieut. and Orderly Sergeantand many of his men".
"1st Lieut. henderson, of Co. G, was in position near Co. C, and handled his company finely, with the assistance of 2d Lieut. Cody detailed from Co. C, to assist him."
"Among the non-commissioned officers and privates who are worthy of special mention are Orderly Sergeants...Donohoe, of Co. C...."
~ Taken from the report of Lieut. Col. John H. Jackson, 3d N. H. Vols., June 19, 1862; HQ of the Third on James Island, SC