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From the Founder/Commander

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 Hello my name is Chris Hansen and I am the Founder and the current Commander of the 3rd NH/22nd SC.  First a little about myself and why I founded this Living History/Reenacting group.  I am passionate about history and especially the time period of the mid 19th Century in AmericaSouth Carolina history is a special area of study for me.  I have been studying and researching this era since I was a teenager.  I always wanted to do something historical to show my feelings of this time.  For several years in the mid-1990's I went and watched Civil War Reenactments throughout South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina.  I also visited many battlefields in these states.  This led me to take on the hobby of 'Civil War Reenacting'.


My first experience was when I joined the 2nd SC, Co. B 'Butler's Guards' in November 1997.  I was part of the group until the Winter of 2001.  I participated in over 40 events with the Butler Guards. My first official event was River's Bridge in Jan. 1998, it was bitterly cold that weekend down on the swamp. During my time with them I attended events all over SC, into NC and GA.

The Spring/Summer of 2001 I was out of reenacting and living in Indiana.  

Upon my return to South Carolina in September 2001 I wanted to get back into the hobby that I missed so much. I joined the 2nd SC Rifles in Nov. 2001. I was with them until I formed the 22nd South Carolina in March 2008. While with the 2nd SC Rifles I attended more than 40 events all over SC, GA, TN, NC, VA and FL. It was with the 2nd SC Rifles that I held my first rank of 2nd Corporal.  I also held the ranks of 1st Cpl, 2nd Sgt and 1st Sgt.  And I started a new impression as a member of the 2nd SC Rifles, Confederate Sharpshooter.

I have been in the hobby of Civil War Reenacting for over 11 years and have participated in events in SC, GA, NC, TN, FL and VA.

During my time in this great hobby I have discovered I have many ancestors who fought for the Confederacy and the Union too.  Of those I am related too I am proud to be related to Confederate Lt. Gen. Lonidas Polk of Tennessee.  He was killed in action in the Kennasaw Mountain Campaign in Summer of 1864.  Also I am very proud of my G-G-Grandfathers, Pvt. Carter Paul Tanner 3rd SC Res/1st SC State Troops of Greenville, SC; Pvt. Irving 'Evan' Crain(Crane) of the 20th SC Inf, Co. A and Pvt. James B. Billingsley, of the 4th GA Cav. State Guards.  I have many other ancestors throughout SC, GA, NC, TN, KY, MO and VA which I have found or still researching.


My whole family participates in the hobby of reenacting and enjoys every minute of every trip we take together.


If you have a passion for history and want to go out and live the life of a person in the time of the American Civil War then this is the hobby for you.  Please follow the links to join up for the rewarding hobby for you and your family. 


And if you have any questions please e-mail me at


Your Humble Servant,

Chris Hansen

Commander and Founder

3rd New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry

22nd South Carolina Vol. Infantry; Co. F, Hagood Guards