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3rd NH at Secessionville

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The Federals fell back to the protection of the hedge rows to reformed their lines. They were to make two more unsuccessful assaults before a general withdraw was ordered. While the main assault was taking place the 3rd New Hampshire was attempting a flanking maneuver from the Federal Left. Their assault brought them to within several yards of the NW Wall of the fort, but they could not make a full assault due to the water and pluff mud of Simpson Creek that proved to be impassable. They proceeded to assault the fort from across the marsh driving the defenders from the Parapets. The two 24-pounders that Col. Lamar set up on his Right Flank were still silent, even though the new gun crews were on line. Lt. Col. Ellison Capers of the 24th SC infantry was sent up to the position to determine the problem. The gun crew, although an artillery unit, had never been trained in firing a cannon before and did not know what to do. Capers sprang into action loading and firing the piece himself, while training the gun crew. Meanwhile 250 men of the 4th LA Battalion arrived from their encampment 2-1/2 miles away to sure up the Confederate Right Flank. They poured a decimating fire into the 3rd NH troops, causing them to fall back.
The 3rd NH was part of Gen. Chatfield's Brigade (3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 10th Army Corps, Dept. of the South).


22nd SC (100 Man Dettachment) was to the LEFT of the 4th LA Inf. on the NW wall of Battery Lamar. And the 3rd NHVI was across the marsh on the opposite bank of Simpson Creek, as shown on map.

3rd New Hampshire Vol. Inf. Casualties at Secessionville, June 16th, 1862.
KIA: 1 Officer*; 8 Enlisted Men
WIA: 5 Officers; 88 Enlisted Men
MIA: 2 Enlisted Men
Total: 6 Officers; 98 Enlisted men
(104 out of 597 Engaged)
* Captain Ralph Carlton