Rules and Regulations of the 3rd NH/22nd SC

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Rules and Regulations of the 3rd NH/22nd SC
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Rules and Regulations of the 3rd New Hampshire & 22nd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiments


  1. This is a family oriented unit – so please respect all.
  2. To honor and respect our ancestors and heritage of the American Civil War or War Between the States, 1861-1865.
  3. To learn and teach the true history of the American Civil War or War Between the States.
  4. Respect all fellow reenactors, living historians and members of the 3rd NH/22nd SC.
  5. Comply with the By-Laws of the 3rd NH/22nd SC.
  6. Recruit for and promote the unit for the sole purpose of making this the best unit.
  7. Study and learn the tactics, maneuvers and regulations of the period.  The two best manuals are Hardee’s and Casey’s Infantry Tactics. But you may study other forms of the period.
  8. Respect my fellow Officers and NCOs of the 3rd NH/22nd SC and any other Officers or NCOs with the proper salutes.
  9. Do my assigned duties with the 3rd NH/22nd SC given to me by my Commanding Officer.
  10. Keep each tent and camping area free of “Farby” and other modern equipment. In other words do not bring a lot of modern equipment and hide all farby like coolers and heaters.
  11. Use only period equipment while participating in any Civil War or Living History event.
  12. Do not steal any items from other members of the 3rd NH/22nd SC or you will be terminated and maybe turned over to the proper authorities.
  13. No cussing, shaming or swearing while attending any event with the 3rd NH22nd SC.  If the we are not in attendance, you are you are still a member of the 3rd NH/22nd SC even if you fall in with another unit.
  14. No alcoholic beverages of any kind are permitted in or at your tent or in camp at any event the 3rd NH/22nd SC attends. You will be asked to either leave the event or dispose of the beverage(s) by dumping them out. Remember most events do not permit them anyway.
  15. Follow all Rules and Regulations of any Civil War or Living History events other than of the 3rd NH/22nd SC.  Example if the event states “Any one under 18 years of age can not participate on the field”.  The commanding Officer of the  3rd NH/22nd SC will make the judgment of participating at the event if there is any conflicting rules or regulations of its members.
  16. You are responsible for anything you bring to an event and the 3rd NH/22nd SC is not responsible for any lost or stolen equipment. We will not pay for your lost or stolen item(s). And if you feel like something was stolen then it is your responsibility to report it to the proper authorities.
  17. If you borrow any property that belongs to the 3rd NH/22nd SC or any other member please return it when you are finished using it. If you do not return property that belongs to the 3rd NH/22nd SC you be held responsible. And if so found that is damaged, altered or stolen you will have to pay for it. You may be terminated from the unit.
  18. Absolutely NO fighting of any kind while with the 3rd NH/22nd SC at any event. You will asked to pack up and leave immediately. 
  19. Wear the proper uniform of the Confederate or Federal soldier of the period. Please study the uniforms of the Civil War. No modern or post-war uniforms are allowed. You can wear a pre-war uniform but only by permission of the Unit Commander.
  20. Study the history of the 22nd South Carolina and the 3rd New Hampshire.  By doing this it will give you a better impression of the regiments you will be portraying.
  21. It is an option, but we encourage that you do a “first person” impression while with the 3rd NH/22nd SC. This can be either a Soldier or Civilian of the period, but remember to do an impression that suits your place, rank or situation with the 3rd NH or 22nd SC.
  22. Remember to have fun and enjoy this grand hobby of American Civil War reenacting and being a Living Historian.