3d New Hampshire Uniform Guidelines

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3d New Hampshire Uniform Guidelines

3rd New Hampshire Uniform Kits

Navy Blue Sack Coat with Eagle Buttons.
Navy-Blue Wool Trousers.
Jefferson Brogans(Rough).
Leathers and Accoutrements of Black color and issue.
Headwear is the Navy-Blue Forage Cap.
Hat Brass of the Infantry Horn with the #3 and "NHV".
'NHVI' Belt Buckle
Eagle Breast Plate.
Corp Badge: 10th Corps (Fort Badge)#
Painted canvas Haversack(black)
3-band Rifle: 1858 Enfield or 1861 Springfield....NO Flintlocks or Shotguns or 2-Band Rifles**.
NOTE: Officers and NCO's Navy Blue Trousers

Enlisted Options: Sky Blue Trousers, Whipple Hat(Very Early War), Sky Blue Overcoat.

# Corps Badge was either Red(1st Division) or White(2nd Division) PLEASE check 'Timeline' for apporpriate color.

American Civil War Armies: State Troops; pgs 17-18 (New Hampshire).

Optional Uniform for Living History Events
Cadet Grey Swallow-Tail Frock w/ Red Trim
Cadet Grey Trousers w/ Red Stripes
Black Leather Accoutrements
Eagle Breast Plate
'NHVI' Belt Buckle
Jefferson Brogans(rough)
Rag-wool socks(grey)
Painted Canvas Haversack(black)
White Muslin Shirt
Whipple Cap
* Rifle same as regular Infantry Impression.

Any further questions please refer to the 22nd SC Uniform Guidelines to your left.

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