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By-Laws of the 3rd NHV/22nd SC
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22nd South Carolina Volunteer

Infantry Regiment

By-Laws: Rules and Regulations



The 22nd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Co. F, Hagood Guard, is a living history organization that attempts to accurately portray the typical South Carolina soldier during the American Civil War or War Between the States. While striving for historic accuracy, the 22nd is a family-oriented unit that seeks enjoyment and, above all, safety during the events in which we participate. The rules and policies of the 22nd are stated below and must be followed by all full members, recruits, cadets, and civilians at all times.

Article I: Becoming a Member of the 22nd SC

Section 1: All persons (civilian and military) who wish to be considered for membership must complete an application. Applications are available from the unit commanders or on the website. Upon receipt of the application, the document will be reviewed by the unit officers and NCOs and the applicant will be informed of approval or disapproval. Any intentional misrepresentations on the application will result in automatic rejection.

Section 2: After an application has been approved, the applicant takes on the status of recruit (civilian applicants need only approval of the application for their level of membership). A recruit shares all the benefits of full membership (defined below), but cannot vote on unit business. After attending two events and full trained in the safety requirements of the unit, the unit full-members will vote on making the recruit a full member. A simple majority will be required (see voting regulations below; Article III). Final approval rests on the unit officers.

Section 3: As a full member of the 22nd will be able to vote on any unit issues brought forward, if they have met the requirements of membership. To remain a full member, a member must attend two events a year and follow all regulations in these by-laws and those which may be added to them by amendment. Civilian re-enactors are protected under these by-laws as members. Children between the ages of 10 and 18 (with parent or guardian) may be voted into the 22nd as non-voting cadets, but must serve some field function (flag bearer, musician, runner or aide), this is an option and it is not a regulation. Civilians and cadets do not have attendance requirements. No one under the age of 10 may take the field for any reason due to Safety reasons.

Section 4: Membership is open to anyone regardless of age, sex, race, or religious

4A. However if you are not able to take the field or participate due to health or disability reasons then you will be assigned to another impression that suits your ability.

Section 5: Each member is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of their uniforms and equipment.  The 22nd SC will not be held liable for lost or stolen equipment of its members.


6A. Members may resign their membership at any time and for any reason.
However, dues will not be refunded.

6B. Any member who is found of misconduct of these By-Laws and the Rules and Regulations, other than the Safety Requirements, of the 22nd SC can and will be removed from the Unit Roster and their membership will be terminated.  The member’s dues will not be refund.  The member can not have any more than four (4) violations in one year.

6C. Any member who is found in violation of the Safety Requirements listed below will be put on probation for six (6) months.  If the same member is found in violation of the mentioned safety requirements during the probation period or has two (2) safety violations within one (1) year will have their membership terminated.  The member’s membership dues will not be refunded.


All individual members of the 22nd SC shall pay $14 per year for membership.  The dues will be pro-rated if a new member joins after July 31st of $10.  Families may join the 22nd SC and shall pay $24 per year.  This due will be pro-rated if a family joins after June 31st of $16.  All dues must be paid by February 28th of every year.  All membership dues are non-refundable. 

Section 8: Women in the Ranks

8A: Women may protray an Infantry Soldier in the Ranks of the 22nd SCVI.

8B: Women who particiapate with the 22nd SCVI as a Infantry Soldier will dress, act and be a soldier while in camp during the event attended.  

8C: Women in the ranks will follow the same Rules and Regulations as their Male counterparts.

8D: Women in the ranks of the 22nd SCVI that do not conduct themselves as a soldier will be asked to leave.  No lewd or rude behavior will be allowed.

Article II: Safety Requirements

Section 1: Before taking the field, all recruits will be instructed in firearms safety by the unit officers and NCOs. Civilian impressions will also be educated in safety before attending any event.

1A: Any member who takes the field or participates with the 22nd SC shall have a 3-band Musket, i.e. Enfield or Springfield.  No other rifles or shotguns will be allowed on the field.  The only exclusion of this is if the member is demonstrating in camp or is at a Living History event.

1B: Only the Officers, Sgt. Major, 1st Sgt, and the Provost Guard may carry side arms.  Any other member that may carry a side arm will be appointed and approved by the Commanding Officer.

1C: Each member will be responsible for the up-keep and maintenance of their own weapon.  If they are found of being not in good operation then that member may not take the field. This is a Safety Requirement violation.

Section 2: It is the responsibility of all members to be aware of safety issues at all times. Any unsafe situation is to be immediately reported to an NCO or Officer. Safety violations involving firearms or edged weapons are particularly serious. Repeat violations of safety regulations (defined below) by any member will result in dismissal from the unit. Dealing with safety violations will be at the discretion of the command and will reflect the severity of the violation. Everyone makes mistakes, but police yourselves and watch your comrades so we can continue to enjoy our hobby.

Section 3: Multiple safety violations/hazards can arise at an event, and all will be taken seriously, but the violations below will not be tolerated: removal of the ramrod during a battle, removal of the bayonet during a battle, failing to elevate the muzzle of your firearm when engaging at close range, firing in an unsafe direction, unscripted physical contact during a battle, alcohol consumption when the public is present, drug use, or violation of the safety rules of the particular event. Members of the 22nd should at all times be aware of several ways to maintain safety: honestly complete medical form (one copy in haversack, one in the command tent), remain hydrated (when you’re thirsty, it’s too late), watch out for the safety of your friends, if you feel sick let someone know, be aware of your firearm, and THINK.

Article III: Voting and Election of Officers and NCOs

Section 1: If, at any time, a member wishes to bring a piece of unit business to a vote, they may do so. For a vote to occur, however, at least half of the unit’s voting members will have to be present. Upon a person’s proposal to vote on a matter, another member must second the motion for the vote to occur. “Yay” or “nay” votes will be taken by a showing of hands.

Section 2: Election of Officers. Each Officer of the 22nd SCVI (3rd Lt. to Colonel) will be elected by the unit full members by a majority vote at the annual meeting in January.  Each Officer elected to post will hold the rank for two (2) years, unless otherwise stated at the annual meeting.

Section 2-1a: The individual who has held the CO position for two-years may not hold another Officer position for one year.  The former CO has to step down in rank to an NCO rank or if they wish a rank of Private.

Section 2A: Any Officer who resigns or is dismissed for violating the By-Laws or Rules and Regulations that rank will be left open until the next meeting.

Section 2B: No one individual will hold the rank of Brig. General, Major General, Lt. General or General within the 22nd SCVI or the 3rd NHVI.  Unless you are on a Staff that is separate of the 22nd SCVI or 3rd NHVI. 

Section 2C: Elections of NCOs.  Non-Commissioned Officers (5th Corporal to Sgt. Major) will be elected by the full members by a majority vote. These elections can happen either at the annual meeting or at certain events during the year when needed. The NCO ranks have no term limitations, but the rank is to be re-elected on annual bases.

Section 2D: The Commanding Officer will not cast a vote unless the vote results in a tie.

Section 2E: All voting will be done by “secret ballot”.

Section 4: Any Officer or NCO that is accused of military or personal misconduct while in camp or on the field will be brought up in front of a Court-Martial.   This Court-Martial will be made up of 5 full-members of the 22nd SC.  The following be present to preside over the Court-Martial; the Unit CO, two NCOs and two Privates.  These members will evaluate the misconducts before the accused at a location chosen by the CO.  A two-thirds vote is required for the accused to either be restated or removed from their membership.  If the accused is found guilty the accused will be terminated and their dues will not be refunded.  If the accused is found not guilty then the member will retain  their rank and position

Article IV: Nicknames, Companies and other Impressions

Section 1: The 22nd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment will have the following in its structure.


Evan’s, Walker’s, Elliott’s and Wallace’s Brigade

Evan’s Independent Brigade

Tramp Brigade

Co. A Edgefield Rifles

Co. B

Co. C

Co. D

Co. E

Co. F  Hagood Guards*

Co. G

Co. H

Co. I

Co. K

* This will the primary impression the 22nd SC at all events, unless otherwise stated.

 The 22nd SC will, when needed, portray the following Federal Unit at events, Reenactments and Living History events.

3rd New Hampshire Volunteer Regiment, Co. A

Section 1A: When the Federal impression, 3rd NH, is to be used at a Reenactment, Event or Living History all members are required to be outfitted in the proper uniform.  This uniform shall consist of a Dark Blue Sack coat, Sky Blue trousers and Navy Blue Kepi with the Infantry Horn with the #3 and Letter “A” on the top of the Kepi.

Article V: Non-Profit Incorporation

As of March 22nd, 2008 the Twenty-Second South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment became a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization in the State of South Carolina. It is registered with the Secretary of State of South Carolina under the incorporated name: 22nd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment. The 22nd SCVI will follow and abide by the set laws of the State of South Carolina as a non-profit organization under Chapter 31, Title 33, code of 1976 and the Acts amendatory thereto. 

Article VI: Families in Camp

The 22nd South Carolina Volunteer is a 'family-oriented' unit and welcomes families into its membership.  This Admendment address' the status and placement of the Husband, Wife and Children of the family and other family members. 

Families that are Full Members of the 22nd SCVI will abide by the Rules and Regulations of not only the 22nd SCVI, but of the Event, Living History or other Historical period events that we attend. 

Husbands, Sons and other male members that hold rank within the 22nd SCVI are required to camp only with the 22nd SCVI on the Company Street as deemed by Military Camp Regulation.

Wives, children and other members of the family that do not hold rank will be required to camp as Civilian.  It maybe required that these members of the family camp in a 'Civilian Camp' area away from the 22nd SCVI Company Street.  This would only apply if the event attended has a Civilian Camp Policy(See the Event Rules and Regulations).

Husbands, Wives and Children may camp with the 22nd SCVI if the event allows or there is no Civilian Camp Policy at the attended event.

If there is a problem before, during or after an event mention above it will handled by the Commanding Officer on Duty. 

Article VII: Amending the By-Laws

These by-laws may be amended too using the voting procedure outlined in Article III, Section 1. Amendments or additions made to the by-laws will be added in an amended sections following Article VI accordingly, ex. Amendment I and so on, and with sub-amendments like Amendment I-A and so on.